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Step 3: Fill Your Nutrient Gaps So You Don’t Burn Out

This is the hardest truth about keto:

Fruits and starchy vegetables are packed with vitamins and nutrients. And when you cut them out of your diet, it’s hard to get all those vitamins. Even if you look at the keto staples with the most of each vitamin in them…

Trust me: it is exhausting to try and tick all those boxes on a keto diet.

And multivitamins are a ripoff. 

The amount of each vitamin you read on the bottle… not what your body is going to absorb. (That’s why your pee turns yellow.)

It is far easier to absorb vitamins from actual food.

There are a few “supplements” that are actual food in disguise – and they’re worth checking out.

You’ll see that it’s easy to fall short:

  • Potassium: you need 4,500 mg a day. Avocados have 1,000 apiece (so you’d need to eat 4 and a half a day – and that’s the best keto source of potassium!)

  • Magnesium: 500 mg/day. You’d need 4 cups of cooked spinach to get that (not raw, before it shrinks!)

  • Calcium: 1,000–2,000mg daily. That’s about 1 pound of cheddar cheese.

  • Not to mention collagen, B vitamins, iodine, vitamin C, and loads of other absolutely crucial nutrients!

Without those vitamins, you’re liable to get run–down, demoralized, and in a mood to cheat.

Step 2: Use These Shortcuts To Handle Temptation

Even when you’re prepared for quick meals, temptation is going to set in.

You’ll miss the treats and snacks that were so common when you were eating carbs.

And your brain will mess with you a bit…

...telling you it’s time for a reward…

...making it seem like cheating is no big deal.

Well, I’ve got 2 ways that I deal with it: 1 for snacks, and 1 for booze.

And they let me celebrate and reward myself without abandoning ketosis.

Beyond Step 3

Maybe you first got interested in keto because it seemed like a quick way to lose weight.

I know I did. But something funny happened along the way…

I started to love everything about keto:

  • The clean energy that doesn’t dip after meals. 

  • The way hunger feels - I know I’m hungry, but I don’t get “hangry.”

  • And the foods! So rich and decadent. You really don’t miss anything.

I think you’ll fall in love with it too.

And it’s so much easier when you accept the truth…

...that you don’t have to do everything the hard way.

You may find that you have different struggles as you go through different phases of keto.

That’s why I recommend bookmarking this page.

You never know when you’ll hit a roadblock and want to try something new!

Step 1: Quit Wasting All Your Time On Groceries

Nobody ever went keto because they enjoyed spending every evening at the grocery store, or slaving over a hot stove.

Unfortunately, all the quick and easy foods out there are pretty high in carbs.

Or are they?

The Most Brilliant Hacks and Products That Let You Live Your Best Life – While Staying Keto

Attention Lazy People: Now You Can Cheat and Win at Keto


The ketogenic diet is here to stay – for 3 reasons:

  • You get to eat the richest, most delicious foods – bacon, cheese, and avocados galore

  • You get much fuller on less food, making it easy to keep calories low

  • And when you keep the calories low, your body starts burning its own fat for fuel

As a nice bonus, it gives you clear thinking, laser focus, and none of those annoying after–lunch crashes.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, though. There’s a kicker:

You need to be committed to get all these benefits. 

No cheating on your diet every other day!

Thankfully, this is America: home of the New England Patriots, Lance Armstrong, and Major League Steroid Baseball. 

Sometimes you gotta cheat to win.

And because this is America, there are lots of great products that let you get the full benefits of keto without putting in all the work.

I’m the laziest keto dieter out there. 

So I’ve put together a 3-step plan for becoming a fat–burning machine… without all that effort.

Hack 1: Order These Off Menu Fast-Food Items

Here are 7 things you can order (other than the tried–and–true lettuce bun for your Quarter Pounder) to get low–carb, high–fat fast food:

  • Chipotle: Ask for a burrito bowl, and skip the beans and corn (salsa is fine!)

  • Jimmy John’s: An “unwich” – basically, a lettuce–wrapped sandwich. But it’s fun to say!

  • Taco Bell: Ask for your taco “naked,” and they’ll replace the tortilla with a delicious fried egg – but make sure you ask for no potatoes, too

  • Popeye’s: Get the blackened chicken tenders and skip the biscuit

  • In N Out: Ask for the "Flying Dutchman, Animal Style" - they'll give you two patties with all the ingredients sandwiched in between

  • Starbucks: Grande Cold Brew, with 2 tbsp of heavy whipping cream and 2 pumps of sugar–free vanilla syrup (it’s a meal in your coffee!)

  • Chick-Fil-A: Ask for your nuggets grilled, and dip them in that zesty buffalo sauce

When you’re hungry on the go, all of these will keep you in ketosis.

But fast food isn’t a sustainable practice for all your meals – you’ll have to cook eventually.

And when that happens, I have a few ways that I save a ton of time (and money!)

Hack 2: Get Your Meat and Fish Delivered

ButcherBox: America’s #1 Monthly Meat Delivery

ButcherBox sources free–range, organic chicken, heritage pork, and 100% grass–fed and finished beef... and delivers it straight to your door.

Cuts are individually packaged – so all you have to do is pull it out of the freezer and throw it in the pan or oven.

I get the curated box every month, and really enjoy the tasty cuts of meat that ButcherBox handpicks for me.

Honestly, it’s the best meat I’ve ever tasted.

It’s always delivered perfectly-packaged on dry ice, with free shipping in the lower 48.

If you order right now, you save $20 and they'll throw in a free pack of bacon in your first box.

(And if you want to make it extra–easy and extra–satisfying to slice up that meat, here’s a discount on the perfect knife.)

Wild Alaskan Company: Never Resort to Farmed Fish Again

Learn More About Wild Alaskan Company

Wild–caught fish might be one of the most underrated keto foods.

It’s a fresh flavor, and it’s packed with anti–inflammatory oils and fats.

Wild Alaskan lets you skip the trip to the fishmonger, and guarantees that your salmon is actually wild – not farmed.

(That’s actually a big problem – up to 40% of fish in grocery stores is incorrectly labeled.)

So it makes sense to get fresh–frozen salmon shipped directly to you from the seas of Alaska.

Hack 4: Drink This Wine To Stay in Ketosis

It might sound crazy, but alcohol is actually keto.

You won’t burn fat when you indulge, but you also won’t pull your body out of ketosis…

...if there’s no sugar in your drink.

Most wines you see in the store are no better than soda – often they have up to 300g of sugar per liter.

Dry Farm Wines have less than 1g of sugar per liter – low enough to make them technically sugar–free.

So you can indulge in a few glasses of this wine without kicking yourself out of ketosis – and believe me, I’ve tried it.

And it’s actually good wine – it doesn’t taste like the diet version of something better.

So you get to celebrate life and be classy.

Hack 5: Throw Some Raw, Living Spirulina Into Your Morning Drink

First off – this looks super green, but is practically tasteless.

That’s because SP2 is frozen when it’s still fresh – before it has time to get stinky, and while it’s still packed with nutrients.

That’s what makes SP2 Life such a lifesaver.

Every day, you can just chuck one of these into a smoothie or mix it with juice.

And you’ll get a huge dose of vitamins and minerals that round out your keto diet:

  • 1400 mg potassium (that’s a third of what you need, right there)

  • 184% of your vitamin B12 requirements

  • Calcium, magnesium, and amino acids galore

The best part? Over 90% of the vitamins in SP2 get absorbed by your body.

So much easier than hunting down all those tricky sources of vitamins every day.

Hack 5: Use Grass-Fed Collagen To Boost Nutrient Absorption

If you’re mixing up a spirulina shake, you might as well supercharge it with grass-fed collagen.

Collagen is the connective tissue that holds bones and joints together - and nobody eats enough of it, keto or not.

It’s especially important for keto though.

That’s because it promotes digestion and nutrient absorption…

...Which is going to make it easier to take in all those vitamins you need.

This grass-fed collagen powder is my favorite, because it gives you a wide array of amino acids – meaning more energy, better skin, and nice hair.

Who doesn’t want better hair?

Hack 6: “Eat” Organs… Without Actually Eating Organs

It’s not easy to get enough vitamin A, vitamin B, or CoQ10.

These are essential to producing energy, boosting your immune system, and preventing long-term complications.

Traditional societies never had these deficiencies because humans used to eat the whole animal, from nose to tail.

Let’s be honest — neither you or I are about to run out to the butcher and get a month’s worth of liver and heart meat (even ButcherBox won’t send you that!)

But those organs are absolutely packed with top-tier nutrition.

Instead of eating weird-tasting organs, you can just take a couple pills a day with PaleoValley’s Organ Complex.

It’s the perfect way to eat the whole animal without actually eating it.

And again - because it’s real organs, and not a processed multivitamin…

Your body actually knows how to absorb it.

It’s pretty impossible to do keto without enjoying the taste of meat or fish.

Thankfully, that’s not a problem for most of us. 

But going to the grocery store can be a real time suck. 

Especially if the old lady in front of you is arguing with the clerk over her coupons. 

Plus, you really can’t be sure where they got that protein from – or how the animal was treated.

You went keto to be healthier – so why not get top-quality protein without leaving the house? 

So sometimes you can’t beat the carb cravings…

Your bunless burger came with a side of fries. Or someone brought donuts to work.

Or you just wanted to be a little bit bad.

When you cheat, it can often take 1–3 days to get back into ketosis. And you might suffer from “keto flu” on your way back in.

Exogenous ketones can save your bacon in these cases:

  • They get you back in ketosis faster (like, within hours)

  • They fight keto flu (which is so awful that it makes me wonder why I’m doing keto at all)

  • They improve your mental and athletic performance – which is especially great if exercising to burn off those cheat carbs

KeToCaNa is the original – and still the best–tasting – exogenous ketone supplement on the market.

Hack 5: Use Exogenous Ketones To Get Back On The Wagon After Cheating

Learn More About KeToCaNa